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©Digital Jungle Pictures - Stephen Todt
Stephen Todt

Stephen Todt’s journey into the world of acting started in the year 2002.  His mom, who had been a former actress herself, heard on a Philadelphia radio station an open call for a major feature film. This lead to Stephen's first audition rejection, which lead to his enrollment in his first acting class, which lead to his first signing to small agency in the Pennsylvania area, then to Dallas, where he competed and won “Male Actor of the Year” at the Mike Beatty Model and Talent Expo. That was the year of 2006. 

During his time at the New York Film Academy, he honed his craft with classes in Meisner, Shakespeare, and Acting for Film.  Upon graduating from NYFA in 2012, he immediately landed with a commercial and theatrical agency and signed with a manager. 

To date Stephen can be seen on numerous music videos for artists like “The Script”, “AFI”, “Kaya Stewart”, and “Sia”. In addition he has also worked on multiple commercials, TV shows, and other feature films and feature shorts - both big and small.

Currently he is learning the unicycle and can be seen practicing archery at a local range, maybe prepping for the next Hunger Games spin-off. One thing that has stuck with him throughout the years is his love for all things strange and his fascination for misplaced characters, one of those in particular, being Jeremy.


©Digital Jungle Pictures - Perry Thomas

Classically trained at the prestigious American Academy of

Dramatic Arts in New York City, Perry Thomas performed Off-Broadway and regional theatre in leading roles in such classics as Sophocles Elektra and Antigone as well as contemporary productions such as "Patrick Henry Lake Liquors", "Kid Purple" and Eric Bogosian’s one man show, “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.” In addition to Perry's strong theatrical background, you can see Perry in various films, commercials, webisodes and

television shows. Between roles, Perry continues to develop his improv technique at The Groundlings, and hones his acting skills in various weekly classes and workshops throughout LA. Perry served as a US Navy deep Sea Diver, raised a wonderful family and built several real estate companies. When he's not acting, you can find Perry scuba diving, skiing, kayaking and traveling with his wife.

Perry Thomas

Sheriff Bower

©Digital Jungle Pictures - Mary Ann Raemisch

Mary Ann Raemisch is a fresh new face who brings a palpable sense of vulnerability in her first leading role in a full feature film. Her performance touched and grounded audiences deeply as very a relatable character in a film with a number of fantasy elements. Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Mary Ann started her career with Hulu's "Battleground" series and later found herself with Discovery Channel's "Unusual Suspects." She trained formally at the Acting Studio in Chicago and the Ivana Chubbuck Studios in Los Angeles

Mary Ann Raemisch


©Digital Jungle Pictures - Garrett Wareing
Garrett Wareing

Garrett Wareing is a true rising star.  After completing "A Better Place" as his first full feature film, he was immediately cast to play opposite Dustin Hoffman and Kathy Bates in the lead role of "Choirboy."  Soon after he was nabbed for Roland Emmerich's blockbuster seuel, "Independence Day: Resurgence," set for release the summer of 2016.  From an early age, Garrett has had a love for the arts.  After a meeting with famed talent scout, Nikki Pederson of Nikki Pederson Talent, Garrett accepted an offer to enroll in IMTA 2013 where he earned numerous awards, including 2013 Pre-Teen Male Model of the Year, as well as garnering the attention of a significant number of agents in Hollywood.  Nikki has been instrumental in the guidance of Garrett's career and has made a profound impact on his life.  At the age of 11, he moved from his hometown of College Station, Texas to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of acting.  Once in Los Angeles, renowned acting coach Max Decker of CM Acting Studio molded, honed and sharpened his skills, instilling in Garrett the discipline to work daily toward the development of the craft.

Young Jeremy

©Digital Jungle Pictures - Tonya Kay

Tonya Kay, The Most Dangerous Woman in Hollywood, has appeared in the "The Muppets Movie," "Lone Ranger," "Glee" and has toured in STOMP, with Panic At the Disco and Kenny Rogers. Look for her lead film roles in "Dark Space," "Death Factory" and "The Kill Corporation" series.  When not on camera, Tonya Kay is performing burlesque live and is the producer of LA's new Pinup Pole Show and Classic Car Cruise-In.

Tonya Kay


©Digital Jungle Pictures - Maria Olsen
Maria Olsen


©Digital Jungle Pictures - William Knight
William Knight

Sam Abram

©Digital Jungle Pictures - Max Aria
Max Aria


©Digital Jungle Pictures - Kassi Crews
Kassi Crews


©Digital Jungle Pictures - Hunter McClamrock
Hunter McClamrock

Rev. Hicks

©Digital Jungle Pictures - Claudia Zevallos
Claudia Zevallos


©Digital Jungle Pictures - Don Yanan

Best known for her appearances as Mrs. Dodd/The Fury in "Percy Jackson  the Olympians: The Lightning Thief," "Paramormal Activity 3," "American Horror Story" and Rob Zombie's "Lords of Salem," Maria Olsen has worked on more than 40 feature films and over 70 shorts since 2005. She has also won four awards (including awards for both acting and directing), had two short films appear at the 2009 Cannes Short Film Program, one at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, plus others at Fangoria's Weekend of horrors and HorrorFest.

William Knight started acting when he was only 5, with the legendary Aimee Semple McPherson.  From there, he toured the country as Little Billy Knight, World's Youngest Boy Preacher for nearly 10 years.  Afte a 4-year enlistment in the USAF, he took up theater at LACC.  The King James Bible prepared him well for Shakespeare and the classics.  His first SAG job was in the original Star Trek. He was brought to NYC for the Broadway debut of "Oh, Calcutta."  He remained on and off Broadway for over 15 years. William is most popular among young audiences for his voice-over work anime.  His most prolific role was Chief Aramaki in "Ghost in the Shell."

With an odd mix of hobbies, Max Aria grew up a football and baseball player, concert pianist, quizbowl champion, romance cover model, and actor.  With acting, he thought he could play all the rest.  He studied at Mississippi State University. He has over 50 films and TV shows to his credit and recently co-starred with Treat Williams in the film, "Age of Dinosaurs" and starred as Thor in "God of Thunder." He is a series regular on Syfy's "Face/Off" and is now playing Iron Man in the world tour arena show, "Marvel Universe Live!"  

Kassi Crews has been acting since she was a child and always put on shows for her family and friends.  Her love for telling stories and desire for a traditional education lead her to California State University where she received her Masters degree in Theater Arts.  She studied with some of the greats in and out of school like Barry Primus, Jose Quitero, Bob Wald and Sal Romeo.  Her passion for improvisation and stand up has taken her to perform on stage with 2nd City Improv, LA Connection, Comedy Story and the Laugh Factory.  The pleasure is all hers to be the subject matter in "A Better Place."

A classically-trained theater actor, Hunter McClamrock has appeared on stage in over 50 productions from Checkov to Shakespeare in NYC to Brecht in Shanghai.  Recent film/TV work includes leading turns as Dagley in the independent feature "Spray Paint Atlas" and as Father Sgeaby in the short film, "The Sunshine Shop," which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Hunter is a company member at New American Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

Claudia Zevallos ia a talented and multi-faceted, Peruvian actress who relocated to Los Angeles to study at The Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute and Beverly Hills Playhouse.  Soon after her arrival, Ms. Zevallos began regularly appearing on Spanish language network television series.  Ms. Zevallos appeared on stage as the lead in "Frida Kahlo." After completing "A Better Place," she landed the leading role in "Day of Days," playing opposite to Tom Skerritt.

Originally from Chicago, Don Yanan began his acting career with the Oak Park Village Players.  In additional to touring the country doing children's plays with Robin Hood Players, he has portrayed Sherlock Holmes in many murder  mysteries.  Don can be seen on the big screen daily at the National Geographic Theater at the Visitors Center at Hearst Castle portraying WR Hearst in the IMAX film, "Heart Castle: Building the Dream."


Don Yanan

Harris Goodman

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